Pre-Holiday Grounding Rituals

It’s no secret that tensions start to rise as the holiday seasons approach. Maybe it’s the stress of hosting a large dinner party, or maybe the nerves of seeing distant friends and family. Whatever the trigger is, we want you to feel good going into the season and have the necessary tools to ground yourself before the madness begins!

Grounding Rituals
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Morning Stretching. Movement is one of the best ways to work out the kinks in life. Simply taking ten to fifteen minutes in the morning to stretch and move your body will start your day with positivity and wake up your mind for success.

Gratitude List. The act of writing is powerful. Words that are jotted onto paper are thoughts that go into the universe and soon manifest. One of the best ways to create positive energy around yourself is to make a daily gratitude list of ten things you are thankful for. These can be simple phrases outlining the things in life you appreciate. When you live with gratitude, your life becomes magical and it’s almost as if you have a bubble around you blocking out any negativity.

Fresh Air. When the walls feel as if they are closing in, step outside! The fresh air will jolt your mind into a new realm and release serotonin. You can take a walk around your street or even suit up for a run. Being outdoors, whether it is cold or hot outside, will help you to remember the beauty in our world– just keep your mind and eyes open!

Grounding Rituals
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Find Moments of Peace. Around the holidays we are usually surrounded by large groups. Family dinner parties, work events and various other obligations make finding quiet time difficult. For more introverted people, this can be exhausting. Finding a moment of silence can make all the difference in your day or night. A few methods could be stepping outside for a few moments alone or escaping to another room for five minutes. These few minutes of alone time will help to wind down the mind and reset.

Endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! These little guys are our natural energy boosters. Ditch the coffee and move your body instead! We release endorphins while working out, laughing and meditating. Ease your mind and radiate happy vibes.

Music. Ambiance is everything. Turn up tunes that make you happy. Dance around and do a little jig, or simply have it playing in the background. Songs that you love will be sure create a happy space for your day. It’s also a great way to set the mood for any gathering and ensure no awkward silences!

Create a Sanctuary. Make your home a sanctuary. Decorate your space with things that give you peace. Embrace color therapy and stick to an aesthetic that will bring clarity to your mind rather than clutter. What you include in your home is intimate and special to you, so make it your dream space!

Grounding Rituals
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Benefits Of Cold Weather Sauna Sessions

Fall is here and the temperatures are dropping. How are you staying warm this season? Stripping down and engaging in a relaxing sauna session may be your best bet to raising your body heat while lowering stress levels. Here are a few benefits of cold weather sauna sessions!

Benefits Of Sauna Sessions
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Detox. As your body heats up, you start to sweat. This act of sweating for a longer period of time helps to detox your body through the skin. Impurities and toxins will flow from within, leaving you feeling clean and clear.

Reduce Cold and Flu. Resting in a sauna daily, or even a few times a week, can help increase white blood cells and improve your immune defense to colds. The high heat can also help to destroy the virus and bacteria by raising your body’s temperature.

Clear The Mind. It is no joke that the holidays are stressful. With events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, as well as ending job cycles, stress seems as if it is floating through the air. Relaxing in a warm sauna will provide you the necessary still moment to let your nerves rest and help to clear your mind. Taking the time to release tension and connect to your body, especially while detoxing, will leave you feeling lighter and present.

Benefits Of Sauna Sessions
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Warm Glow. Humans are designed to move. Movement is a part of us and in the winter months this can be daunting. A sauna session will open up your pores and allow your body to sweat as if you’re running or working out on the hottest day of summer– yet it is cold outside! You will be left with warm, rosy skin post sauna session. Just make sure to rehydrate with water.

Recovery. Whether you tumble down the ski slopes, have a burner session at the gym or simply experience annoying day to day aches and pains, the sauna will help your body to recover. Pain goes deep into your muscle tissues and it is important to warm them up to rid the aches. The heat will release the tension stored in our joints and muscles, allowing your soreness and aches to dissipate.

Peach Tones For Fall

Peach tones aren’t just for the summer! Peach is actually an incredible transition color into the fall months. This color brings in feelings of peace and friendship. Warmth radiates from any pigment of peach and will keep your space fresh in the cooler, darker months. Feeling peachy yet? We love this cheeky color and hope to see lots of it this fall season– check out these peachy home spaces for inspiration.

Peach Tones For Fall
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Peach Tones For Fall
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Peach Tones For Fall
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Peach Tones For Fall
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Five Snuggly Blankets We Love This Season

As cooler weather starts to roll through, the fireplace is starting to roar and our cozy couch hangouts are just around the corner. We have rounded up the top five snuggly blankets for this fall season from enlightened shops we love.Get your hot tea ready and a nice novel because you won’t want to leave your cozy nook!

  1. Glacier National Park Wool Blanket by Pendleton
Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Pendleton)

Pendleton uses quality wool guaranteed to keep you warm through the seasons. Pendleton blankets are ones that last years and truly become an iconic staple in your winter household. The National Park blankets honor our beautiful national parks, which is just another reason to donate by purchasing this blanket.

2. Miramar Organic Waffle Blanket by Coyuchi

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Coyuchi)

This waffle blanket is made in Portugal with 100% Organic Cotton. With this clean fabric, you’ll feel cozy while having a minimalistic throw for your couch or bed.

3. Nublado Wool Throw by The Citizenry

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Citizenry)

4. Fine Merino Blanket by Tekla

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Tekla)

This fine merino wool blended blanket is both functional and stylish. Tekla, based in Copenhagen, uses quality textiles that will bring life into your home. We love their range of colors, both bright and muted!

5. Handwoven Lenna Throw Blanket by Anthropologie

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Anthropologie)

Bold and warm! This handwoven blanket is a neutral charcoal to add some texture to your space. This is a chunkier blanket, without being overpowering to your space.

Time to snuggle up! We hope these blankets bring you warmth long into the fall season.

Minimalistic Van Life

Van Buildouts For Magic, Minimalistic Travels.

There’s something so intriguing about riding off the grid and into some unknown territory with little worries. Chasing the surf, the mountains, the slopes– whatever it may be, there is a simple art in treading a minimalistic life of travel. I will never forget the incredible, minimalistic vans I witnessed while living in Bondi Beach, Australia. Surfers from around the globe gathered here with just basic necessities and a stoked mindset. It is quite wild how you can make a van so accessible to your everyday needs. Just the basics, nothing more. It’s the new way of creating your eco home. Take a look into these minimalistic, bohemian van buildouts that will inspire your next mobile adventure and take you into the full swing of van life.

Minimalistic Van Life
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Minimalistic Van Life
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Minimalistic Van Life
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Minimalistic Van Life
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Minimalistic Van Life
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Minimalistic Van Life
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Minimalistic Van Life
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Can you imagine backing up your van to the ocean and waking up to the roar of the crashing waves? Or opening your doors to the crisp morning snowfall by the slopes? Wishing you safe and enlightened travels on your next awaiting adventure.

Beautiful Fall Bouquets You Can Make at Home

Bring the blooms inside this fall season. Adding bouquets of beautiful flowers will transform your space and bring a fresh pop to any setting! As the season is transitioning into fall, we have rounded up tips and tricks for making the perfect fall bouquet at home.

(Photo Via f8ke_flowers)

Step one to creating a beautiful arrangement, for any occasion, is foraging for flowers! Local markets, grocery stores and flower shops can provide flowers year round. If you don’t feel like braving the markets, simply step outside and forage for wildflowers and local blooms. Fall brings in lovely sunflowers and iris, along with many other beautiful species of flora. Whichever way you choose to get flowers, make it fun! Invite friends to help create arrangements, or simply take your time browsing all of the beautiful colors and options.

Arranging your own bouquet is a special way to dress up your tabletop or even just to have as decor around the house. Guests will feel welcomed and bringing life indoors will bring in a new level of peace. To begin your arrangement, it is important to organize your blooms according to the statement pieces and the filler flowers. Filler flowers will be the bulkier, bunched flowers, such as the eucalyptus in the following photos. The statement flowers in your arrangement are the star of the show. Sometimes it is fun to incorporate bulbs that have not yet bloomed, so you can watch your creation change daily!

Once you have your flowers organized, start to have fun with arranging! Show your creativity and don’t be afraid to make up an out-of-the-box arrangement. Flowers have beautiful imperfections that will elevate your arrangement and add a level of obscurity that intrigues the eye. This could be something as simple as a bent stem, making that particular flower drape over the rest – this adds dimension to your bouquet and will lead the eye across the whole creation.

Fall Bouquet At Home
(Photo Via f8ke_flowers)

The beauty of arranging a flower bouquet is– there is no right or wrong way to do it! The end aesthetic is what you are left with. Deep colors, such as maroon and plum will bring your arrangement a fall vibe. Adding in tones of brown with sticks or black flowers will also add a fall depth and natural tone. Play around with hanging stems that look as if they are wiggling out of the arrangement for a unique element.

Fall Bouquet At Home
(Photo Via Bower Botanicals)

In addition to the flowers, the vase you use can help to accomplish the overall aesthetic you’re looking for. For obscure arrangements, it is nice to have an array of eclectic vases to mix and match with. For a more modern chic aesthetic, a clean white or clear vase is suitable. Even recycling wine bottles or other glass bottles can make great vases, while giving the recycled materials a fresh purpose.

Feel inspired to go out and forage for your next bouquet? Enlighten your next tabletop setting or coffee table nook by bringing the fall blooms in!

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5 Off-Season Travel Locations We’re Dying to See

There’s something beautiful about the forgotten, off season sanctuaries. In some towns, summer ends and it’s as if every human and business in the area starts to hibernate. So what really happens when the tourists go home? Well in my experience, the town suddenly becomes more magical than you could ever imagine. No lines at popular cafes, uncrowded beaches in the best surf spots, weather that brings a satisfying chill to your summer drenched skin and friendly locals who are ready to kick back and relax after a tiring high season rush. Experiencing a new place in it’s off season glory is nothing short of authentic. Here are the top five spots we are dying to see!

  1. Montauk, New York
5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Paige Atwell)

This hip Hamptons summer town transforms into a sleepy fishing village immediately after Labor Day. When all the Hamptons vacationers move on to their next sunny destination, the locals in Montauk are settling down for the harsh, yet beautiful, winter season. Sweeping ocean views from almost every bar, cafe or home bring in a romantic beach getaway feeling. Not many tourists come to Montauk after Labor Day, which makes this destination all the more wonderful to experience as a local would. What many do not know, Montauk has amazing weather all the way until November. There are many beach days to be had and waves to surf– this time without the crowds. If the cooler beach days aren’t your thing, the intense, colorful sunsets should be enough to book your flights here!

2.Boulder, Colorado

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Trip Savvy)

Boulder is a roaring college town come the start of school. In the summer, the college students return home and you are left with open, beautiful mountains to hike and explore! Roadtrip to nearby ski towns or take a day for some city life in Denver. The weather is hot with cooler nights, making the perfect setting for some cozy cabin evenings!

3. Joshua Tree, California

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via The Joshua Tree House)

Imagine a dreamy desert setting, but covered in snow! Joshua Tree, California is a popular town to visit when the weather is mild. Deep in the winter, the desert is even quieter than usual, with mainly climbers here to take on the Joshua Tree face while other mountains are covered in snow. Snowfall is semi rare, yet when you get the chance to see a white covered desert, it’s sure to be a magical experience!

4. Rincon, Puerto Rico

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Trip 101)

Rincon, Puerto Rico is a small world class surf town. People from the East Coast tend to escape the winter months here for unlimited sunny days. In the low season, the town is just as wonderful, just without the crowds and party-goers. Year round waves, heat and friendly locals will be enough to satisfy a great trip! Explore the waterfalls, beaches and town activities, such as Thursday night artwalks.

5. Whitehorse, Canada

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Nonstop Destination)

Wanting to see the Northern Lights? Whitehorse, Canada has views of The Northern Lights and tons of hiking to explore. Autumn provides fewer crowds and stunning shades of changing leaves. It may snow, yet winter activities will not be in affect yet. It is a lovely place to relax and take in the views while you gear up for winter!

There are so many perks to travelling in the off season months of a town. From smaller crowds to a more personalized adventure, there is always something beautiful to seek in the unknown. Whatever you may be looking for in your next vacation, consider experiencing the raw, authentic off season for unforgettable memories.

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience

Have you ever wanted to elevate your ordinary shower into a spa-like sanctuary? Incorporating natural botanicals into your daily routine will bring a relaxing, resort feeling to your next shower. Here are five ways to bring in aromatherapy to your bathing space!

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience
(Photo Via Bali Interiors)
  1. Hanging Eucalyptus
5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience

Eucalyptus is a calming scent, especially magnified by the steam from your shower. Simply hang a bundle of fresh Eucalyptus on your shower head for an aromatherapy experience in every shower.

2. Lavender Essential Oil

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience

Lavender is one of the most relaxing scents, beneficial in so many ways. If you keep a vile of lavender oil in your shower, you can rub a couple drops on your wrists and neck to immerse yourself in a relaxing state.

3. Aura Cacia Mist

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience
(Photo Via Aura Cacia)

Aura Cacia is an essential oil brand that uses natural aromatherapy. Use a mist such as lavender, eucalyptus or rosehip to relax your space before bathing and showering.

4. Quality Hand and Body Wash

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience
(Photo Via Aesop)

Investing in a high quality hand and body wash can elevate your shower into a spa experience. It is important to know what you are putting on your skin, and your body will thank you if you do! Aesop is just one of many brands that produce washes with quality ingredients while focusing on an aesthetic and sensory pleasure.

5. Lotion and Perfume For Post Shower Fragrance

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience
(Photo Via Le Labo Fragrances)

Ending your shower with a high quality body lotion and natural perfume will seal off your relaxation and carry you through the rest of your day/night! Your skin is soft and open after showering, which makes it the most important time to moisturize immediately after to lock in the hydration. Although perfumes and lotions can be pricey, it is important to invest in products that use all natural ingredients that will not bring any harm to your skin.

Bring nature into your next shower for a true spa like experience from your own home. Use aromatherapy to soothe the soul and create a sanctuary within your space!

5 Ways to Make Your Daily Shower a Spa Experience
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Linen Fall Table Settings

Table Set Up to Curate The Perfect Dinner Party Table This Fall.

As the weather eases into breezy fall nights, our dinner parties are about to move outside to soak in every last bit of warmth before the winter hits. Hosting a dinner party can be stressful if you aren’t a natural born event planner– but with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be hosting with intention and have your guests completely fooled.

(Photo Via The Inspired Home)

Whether you’re lounging with some citrus sundowners or planning a three course meal, your tabletop will set the mood for the evening and provide a welcoming space for your guests, ultimately opening up the floor for good conversation and memories that last.

Linen Fall Table Settings
(Photo Via Bunglo)

Setting up your table can be easy with the right tools. A quality napkin with a fun, intriguing pattern, or simply a calming color, will make all the difference and bring a sense of cohesiveness to the table. Here are three napkins from enlightened shops to elevate your tabletop this fall!

Bunglo Emerald Organic Napkin Set

(Photo Via Bunglo)

These Bunglo napkins are made with organic cotton and made here in the USA. Pair with brass utensils and wooden accents, or for a simple look, use white dishes to let the patterns speak for themselves. With prints in nearly every color, these napkins will be sure to enlighten your tabletop set up, inspire your guests and make a statement!

Linen Feldhaus Napkins

(Photo Via Heath Ceramics)

For a neutral option, the Linen Feldhaus Napkins by Heath Ceramics provide an earthy tone to your set up. The flax linen is soft and will bring a natural aesthetic to your tabletop. Shades of sand and charcoal will ground your space and act as perfect accents for fall. Style these with black ceramic dishes and stone vases filled with local fall blooms for an Earthy feel.

I Love Linen Pure French Linen Napkins

(Photo Via I Love Linen)

Solid color, linen napkins are a sophisticated classic. I Love Linen is an aussie brand, home to lovely shades of sage, white, blush and more. All napkins are made with 100% pure french linen– soft to the touch, clean for your skin and adds an overall elegance to set the table!

We hope these napkins will help you feel confident in setting up your dream dinner table! There are many other ways to bring your tabletop together– like adding vases with flowers or even an eclectic array of glasses. Whatever your style may be, there are napkins out there to shape up your space and allow you to host with intention. Cheers to many lovely fall nights surrounded with good company.

(Photo Via La Cura)

Five Minute Journal Ritual For Daily Clarity

Imagine waking up slowly, filling up a cup of coffee, nestling into your favorite chair and taking an hour of quiet time to journal every morning. As this is a nice thought, the reality of our modern day world is that time is NOT a luxury we all possess!

Whether it be early office calls, waking up your little ones or just feeling like your day has already gone haywire, the mornings can be a quick downhill slope! The one thing from the imagery above that we can apply to our everyday routines is journaling– maybe not for an hour, and definitely won’t always be quiet, but starting your day with a five minute journal ritual will provide clarity moving forward!

(Photo Via Paige Atwell)

Instead of scrolling through your email or socials first thing in the morning, replace this time with a journal and pen in hand. It’s okay to be lying in bed, or folded halfway over your breakfast bar. Allow your mind to stay quiet for just a bit longer. And if you’re feeling antsy or like your day just has to begin, write down these feelings! Write anything. Just the act of taking your pen to paper will provide your nerves and mind a calming sensation.

Beginning to write is scary for some. You do not need to attempt to write an award winning novel first thing in the morning. Jotting down how you feel, dreams you may remember from the night before, or just a simple list of ten things you’re grateful for that day will pave the path to clearing your head! No word is too small, no sentence too wordy, it is your journal. For your eyes only. Want to doodle? Go for it! The sole purpose of this five minute journal session is to simply turn your focus inward, resulting in a clear mind.

Five Minute Journal Ritual
(Photo Via AllsWell Creative)

Nobody is perfect, and some days even just five minutes feels impossible. Try your hardest to stick with the five minutes no matter how daunting it may seem, but really, if you write for three minutes or even just two your mind will thank you! As you dive deeper into your practice, consider writing out intentions for your day. This could be as simple as writing “I will be happy today!” or “Today my production levels will be high, and I will get x,y & z done!”

As mentioned above, anything you write is welcomed and encouraged as this is a space for you, in your own time. Even though it is just a small ritual, journaling is a way to take hold of your day and clear the headspace needed to navigate the craziness of our modern world.

(Photo Via Bunglo)