The word ‘bunglo’ is derived from the word ‘bungalow’. I love how bungalows have various meanings from around the world, in Chicago a bungalow is a city dwelling, in Thailand it’s a home on stilts, in India – a home on a river. In Brazil, a bungalow is a beach hut – my favorite kind of ‘bunglo’. The word ‘bunglo’ is my own version of the word, a combination of all the bungalows around the home with a tropical, mid century flair. I’ve always felt best in warm places, environments that are covered in tropical trees that carry a nice evening breeze. I created bunglo to create a space that feels like I’m on vacation all the time. With an addition of a few pillows, I feel I’m on a permanent vacation – talk about good vibes 🙂 Take a peak into my current mood board for our upcoming Spring collection inspired by Brazil.

India – Visiting our Fair Trade Group

In third grade I became best friends with our school art teacher. She loved making art just as much as me, we bonded over shading and mixing paint. As a kid – this was the first ‘real’ artist I knew! I found her chunky, handmade jewelry to be inspiring. I’d stay after school and help her organize all the art supplies – I loved sorting all the colorful yarn and shiny beads. I have to laugh about it now. A minimalist at heart, I still hoard bags full of beads and textured yarns.

I recently went to India to visit a few artisan groups for bunglo, I was in heaven at the rug manufacture! Bundles of colorful yarn – rooms full to the ceiling! I could’ve made a little nest and lived there forever… here are some highlights from our trip! 9 year old me would’ve loved this place!

Austin Glamping

Modern bohemian camping with style!

Our lovely friend Kirsten Dickerson is what we like to call a GIRLBOSS. She’s truly an amazing entrepreneur and Austin’s lucky to have her! She founded Raven + Lilly – a woman’s boutique that supports fair trade groups + woman empowerment around the globe. She recently moved into an airstream outside Austin and opened a Glamping spot called Green Acres – a must see!


We spent the day styling her property and photographing our new bunglo collection – Mendoza.

Our latest patterns are inspired by South American landscapes and brining the outdoors in with soothing colors found sprinkled across the coasts of Argentina.

Our Milkyway duvet is a great neutral base that can be layered with pillows! I personally love jewel towns mixed with B+W!

Great creative and layer your patterns. Fold a multi color duvet at the end of your bed for a bohemian chic look.

My favorite mornings are spent in my Light Blue Sky bedding – it’s soft yet eclectic all at the same time.

Growing up my parents had a hammock under a big tree. I would bring all the pillows outside and lay there for hours staring into the sky. Still one of my favorite past times and this shot captures that feeling!

Add a few pillows outside to make a space feel comfy!

Having a party? Use our pillows as cushions for your guests!

Thank you Kirsten for sharing your inspiring space with us! Where are your favorite modern places to camp in comfort? Checkout our new Mendoza collection here!


Bunglo’s New Bohemian Spring Pouches Have Arrived!

Bunglo teamed up with Candice from Oh! Fox to style our new modern pouches!

I made these little gems to carry my art supplies, passport and toiletries while traveling! They’re perfect to use as a small purse on a trip as well.

Colorful, cotton and finished with a brass zipper. Everyone loves their modern bohemian  pouches!

What colors do you like to accessories with? Checkout all of our modern bohemian pouches here!

In the Studio with Liz Mos

A dear friend came to capture the magic that happens inside the Bunglo studio!

One of my very lovely and talented friends, offered to come spend a day in my bunglo studio and capture the development process for our new bohemian pouches!

Thank you Liz! Where are some of your favorite places to work from?


Bohemian Beach Daze in Modern Miami.

An impromptu trip to Miami with beautiful friends in beautiful places. The world is colorful and I love to capture it!

At bunglo, we are big fans of modern Miami architecture!

How amazing is this Art Deco color scheme? We love everything modern in Miami!

Wynwood Miami is a creative haven for anyone that loves modern art and color!

We absolutely loved Miami! Where are your favorite, inspirational places to travel?