New! Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are here! 100% duck cotton, heavy weight curtains to give your bathroom a bohemian feel.



The word 'bunglo' is derived from the word 'bungalow'. I love how bungalows have various meanings from around the world, in Chicago a bungalow is a city dwelling, in Thailand it's a home on stilts, in India - a home on a river. In Brazil, a bungalow is a beach hut - my favorite kind … Continue reading BRAZILIAN INSPIRATION

India – Visiting our Fair Trade Group

In third grade I became best friends with our school art teacher. She loved making art just as much as me, we bonded over shading and mixing paint. As a kid - this was the first 'real' artist I knew! I found her chunky, handmade jewelry to be inspiring. I'd stay after school and help her … Continue reading India – Visiting our Fair Trade Group