Cleanse Your Home, Cleanse Your Mind

Keeping your home free of stagnant energy will help you live with lightness of being.

August is the fall of the summer, and autumn right around the corner. With luck, this summer you have spent countless hours bathing in sunlight, or adventuring in new territories. Now is the time to spend some time inside your home, take a look around, and begin to cleanse all the corners and surfaces to ready yourself for the last third of the year. Having a clean and pure living environment is clinically proven to increase brain activity, calm your nerves, and improve overall productivity.

Minimalist Living
Minimalist Living
Photograph Courtesy of Wartaku


 Clearing Clutter

Clean and Minimalist
Clean and Minimalist
Photograph Courtesy of Style Caster


The first step to minimizing clutter, and maximizing peaceful, clean energy in your environment, is to discard any of the following items from your surfaces and drawers.

  • Old Magazines + Newspapers  – If you have stacks of old magazines and newspapers lying around your coffee tables or bookshelves, toss them into the recycling, and clear space for new projects and books!
  • Receipts + Bills + Documents – Have you already logged or filed necessary information from any receipts, bills, or documents you’ve been saving on your desk or in your kitchen drawers? Throw them all into the recycling bin! Anything that you truly need to save for your personal files or taxes should be neatly organized and placed in a file folder or cabinet.
  • Clothing – Take a long, hard look inside your closet, boudoir, or dresser, and remove anything you haven’t been wearing regularly (seasonal clothes aside).
  • Books – Do you have stacks of books that you have already read? Pick your top three, and donate the rest. Trade collections with your best friend, create a neighborhood “Take One, Leave One” bin, or find a coffeeshop with a bookshelf and leave them for someone else!
  • Medicine + Vitamins – Check the expiration date on all of your bottled medicines an supplements, and discard anything old, or anything that you are no longer in need of.
  • Makeup + Perfume – Cosmetics and toiletries expire also, and usually aren’t of the same quality after spending too much time laying around in a drawer. Go through everything an toss out those mostly empty compacts of powder or dried up mascaras!
  • Jewelry – If you aren’t going to invest in basic jewelry pliers or a small repair kit, it’s time to discard all the broken jewelry that you have cluttering up your drawers.
  • Old or Unused Electronics – Do you have a drawer for old cables, phone chargers, cell phones, or any other obsolete electronics? Get rid of all of that! Donate to your local Goodwill.


Setting Intentions

Creating an Altar
Creating an Altar
Photograph Courtesy of Free People
Fire Elements
Fire Elements
Photograph Courtesy of Free People

It is of utmost important to the balance of your mind and your home to dedicate an area of your space to setting intentions. Find a coffee table, bookshelf, or atop your mantle to place powerful items of significance, peace, abundance, and prosperity.  Here are some things you can get started with:

  • An Altar Cloth sets the foundation for the space you are creating, reflecting all that is within you.
  • Salt is an important ingredient to place in a bowl on your altar, as it is protective, purifying, and represents the Earth’s energy.
  • A Chalice represents the Mother Goddess, or divine feminine energy, and is used to hold ceremonial drink, or salt water.
  • A Wand can be made from any organic material, and is used to direct and channel energies in and around you.
  • Candles are used to invoke and hold the power of each cardinal point, and are used to balance the masculine and feminine energies.
  • Bells or Singing Bowls call upon healing energies on your altar, clearing any stagnant energy, and can signify the beginning and ending of your personal practices or rituals
  • Powerful Stones like crystals and minerals each vibrate at their own frequency, and hold unique significance than can represent different feelings, intentions, and affirmations you would like to focus on.


Homes that Feel Cleansed

Organization Inspiration
Organization Inspiration
Photograph Courtesy of Wartaku
Clean, Open, Pure
Clean, Open, Pure
Photograph Courtesy of Wartaku
Warm and Zen
Warm and Zen
Photograph Courtesy of Wartaku
Bright and Earthy
Bright and Earthy
Photograph Courtesy of Wartaku


Learn about Feng Shui and how to set intentions in your modern home!

Inside a Lady’s Handbag

A lady’s purse is her mysterious source of power, and one could never presume to guess the contents.

A common assumption would be that a woman’s purse only contains cosmetics, but I tend to keep an array of items that will keep me prepared for any number of adventures! Here are some of the items you will often find in my handbag on any given day!


Therapeutic Oils

Young Living Breathe Again is a pure distilled essential oil blend containing four types of Eucalyptus oils, Rose Hip oil, Peppermint oil, Blue Cypress oil, Copaiba oil, and Myrtle oil. You may roll the oil on your face, neck, and chest, or simply hold beneath your nose and inhale. Not only does the blissful aroma leave you feeling clear and refreshed, it has immense medicinal effects, supporting respiratory health and lung function. This oil blend is a must-have if you live in an area with allergens like mold or pollen are prominent.

Young Living Breathe Again

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Digestive Enzymes

Papaya Enzymes promote healthy digestion and help your body absorb the nutrients from the food you consume. Chlorophyll is an antioxidant superfood that fights cancer, improves liver detoxification, speeds up wound healing, improves digestion and weight control, and maintains healthy complexion! This yummy chewable supplement will keep you looking and feeling great, and is wonderful to have on hand if you find yourself often eating exotic cuisine.

Papaya Enzymes

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Adventure Binoculars

My Bushnell Legacy Binoculars are basically my best friend. I don’t often leave home without them. If you’re a bird lady like me, or simply enjoying site-seeing, you should consider keeping a pair of travel size binoculars in your handbag! If you can’t always bring your camera along, holding your mobile phone lens up to the lens of the binoculars will do a fine job of capturing far off wonders!

Bushnell Legacy Binoculars

The Rare Resplendent Quetzal, Coban, Guatemala
The Rare Resplendent Quetzal, Coban, Guatemala

(I took these photos with my iPhone and binoculars!)

Tikal, Peten, Guatemala
Tikal, Peten, Guatemala


Phone Tripod

The Joby Phone Tripod helps me take amazing videos and pictures wherever I go! Whether I want to film a yoga sequence, or am backpacking alone and don’t have a companion to snap a photograph, the Joby easily clips in my iPhone for great footage! This little tripod is small, flexible, and lightweight, hugging onto nearly any surface.

Joby Phone Tripod

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128GB Flash Drive Keychain

As a writer, photographer, designer, and absolute music and film fanatic, it’s essential for me to have a way to transfer data at all times! For conducting business this keychain flash drive is key, but it can also come in handy if you meet a new friend at a coffeeshop and want to exchange some tunes or films!

Samsung USB 128GB Flash Drive

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Store it All!

Teysha Tulum Clutch
This gorgeous Tulum clutch by Teysha is wonderful to store my passport, cash, coins, and any other small items I want to keep safe!
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The Chambray pencil and accessory case by Bunglo, lined with Mountain Flower fabric, detailed with vintage gold ribbon.
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Jasmine Oil Perfume

Nemat Indian Jasmine Oil is my favorite fragrance to wear. Jasmine is sweet, spicy, earthy, and sensual. When used in aromatherapy, jasmine has an incredible array of medicinal benefits such as acting as an antidepressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antispasmodic, sedative, and aids in reducing anxiety.

Nemat Indian Jasmine Oil

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Aromatic Air Purifier

Palo Santo emits resonant aromas of citrusy sweet, earthy tones, making it a sublime enhancement for any environment. Native to Mexico, Central and South America, Palo Santo has been utilized ceremonially for ritual cleansing, purifying, prayer, and healing for thousands of years.

Palo Santo

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Tinted Moisturizing Sunscreen

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30 is essential to my daily beauty routine if I find myself out and about under the sun. I often wear a sun hat, but this amazing lightweight cream will protect the delicate skin on your face, and give it a warm glow! I find that most sunscreens clog the pores on my face making me breakout if left on my skin for several hours. That makes it quite difficult to choose between protecting my skin from harmful UV rays, or keeping my skin free and clear of oils and chemicals that will cause blemishes. This NARS product is very mild, and has had no adverse effects on my face so far!

NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30

Lip Balm

“Unicorn Pee” in Exquisite Mint Cupcake. Sooth your lips with sweet tingling natural ingredients including cocoa butter, jojoba oil, organic coconut oil, organic peppermint, organic sunflower oil, beeswax, and organic vanilla flavor.

"Unicorn Pee" in Exquisite Mint Cupcake

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Multifunctional Adventure Tool

A tool for every need! You never know when you need to repair, toggle, inspect, or dissect something along your path!


Swiss Army SwissChamp Silvertech Knife

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Extra Long Phone Charger

This extra long, braided rope iPhone charger is really a life saver. When working remotely from a cafe, you can’t always find a seat located close to a power outlet. Additionally, in most bedrooms, you will often find the position of the bed is not conveniently located in relation to a power source. Having the extra long, durable cable gives you freedom and flexibility to keep your mobile device nearby while charging.

Cambond 10ft Long Durable Braided iPhone Charger

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Appointment Planner

Ever since my beloved Grandmother first bought me a Smithsonian Appointment Book, I haven’t found another that I enjoy more! The Smithsonian Appointment Book gives you daily, monthly, and yearly details for capturing your plans, and features photographs of fine art, world maps, and many other useful tools for connoisseurs of travel and culture.

Smithsonian Planner

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A Handbag for All Occasions

This smooth, dreamy handbag was handcrafted by artisans in Panajachel, a village alongside Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. It is both feminine, and subtle, versatile enough for business, travel, and casual outings. It’s spacious enough to fit your laptop, books, and all of your daily needs!



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What do you keep in your purse? Send us links to your favorite items!

Taking Steps Towards a Life of Minimalism

Decluttering your home and work area can greatly increase mental clarity and inner peace. Your surrounding environment has a profound effect on the way you perform simple daily tasks, the way you process information, and the manor in which you exchange energy with others.

Having less around you will give the possessions that you do have more meaning. You will have less to clean up and organize around your home, and less to transport if you are moving or traveling. To live with lightness of Being begins with lightening your load.

De-cluttering can be extremely overwhelming. Where to start? It is immensely helpful to begin by tackling categories instead of trying to start with an entire room. Begin with clothing, then books, then beauty products, then kitchen items, etc.

Treat your belongings as if they had feelings; would you want to be thrown on the floor, messily shoved into a drawer, or chaotically crammed into the back of a closet? Give your things space to breathe, thus making them easy to locate and access.

Step 1: Make a mental inventory of everything you own, then compartmentalize.

Do you have to spend hours searching for a particular item? Do you spend even more hours organizing and reorganizing what you own just to keep it in a maintainable order? Do you have several versions or colors of the same items or articles of clothing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to downsize. Let go of guilt associated with buying or receiving a gift of something that you end up never using or wearing; just get rid of it!

Clutter Art
Clutter Art
Photograph courtesy of Flickr


Check out this awesome de-cluttering flow chart by MakeSpace!


Once you have purged an adequate number of things, find some simple storage containers to help keep your belongings neat and separated.

one_kings_lane_catescloset_empty boxes.jpg

Photograph courtesy of One Kings Lane

Step 2: Be extremely mindful with future purchases.

Before you rush to the sale rack and start piling everything with a 50% off tag into your cart, ask yourself if you really need any of those items. Will the items prove to be completely useful? Will they bring you more joy than clutter? Do you already have another version or color of the item, or are the items you already own in need of replacing? Make sure that if you do buy something, that it is of the highest quality to your standards. This will ensure its longevity, and the likelihood that you wont tire of it after a short period of time.


Instead of buying new items, host a clothing swap or household item swap with your close friends, make it an evening of wine and exchanging gifts! You will discard so many items that need to go, and probably end up with some amazing and meaningful treasures in return!

Regularly practice expressing gratitude for every item that you own. Hold each item in your hand, and observe whether it sparks happiness, and whether it serves as a valuable tool in your daily routine. The more conscious and grateful you are of the belongings that you own, the less you will desire to own more.

You will save money by restricting your urge to purchase new items, and prevent the buildup of clutter. Save room in your life for spontaneity, gifts, and give yourself a budget for traveling instead! Life is about experiences, not possessions. It’s time to make scarcity of belongings turn into prosperity of living.


Step 3: Evolve beyond your nostalgia!

Do you have drawers of old concert or movie ticket stubs and wristbands? Maps and brochures from hotels and destinations you have visited? Notebooks full of recipes and notes, hand-written letters, or stacks of magazines you saved for one particular article? It’s time to let all that stuff go. Unless you are going to dedicate the time for making an organized scrapbook or other creative way to display your collection of memories, there is no use having such things lying around taking up space and making your environment appear cluttered.

Go through all those drawers and shoeboxes and decide what really holds value and use to you in this point of your life and your future.

Scrapbook Inspiration
Scrapbook Inspiration
Photograph courtesy of Pinterest
Ticket Stub Coffee Table Idea
Ticket Stub Coffee Table Idea
Photograph courtesy of Custom Made



Need somewhere to start? Try this 30 day Minimalism Challenge courtesy of The Culture Trip.


Four Unforgettable Spring Break Essentials

Staying Hydrated

An ancient Ayurvedic tradition, copper drinking vessels, known as tamra jal, have been used for ages as a means to stay hydrated while experiencing an array of health benefits. If used properly, these copper water bottles naturally alkalinize your water, aiding in balancing your body’s pH, as well as having antimicrobial and antioxidant benefits. Make sure to clean them regularly, and never put anything acidic like citrus or juices inside them to avoid overexposure to copper.


Shop Copper H2O

Sexy, Comfortable Shoes

Wherever you travel on your Spring Break, it’s absolutely essential to pack the most comfortable footwear! You’ll be exploring, but you also want to look sleek and stylish. These gorgeous, handmade Guatemalan leather and textile beauties are both malleable and airy, and they will last a lifetime!

Frida Pecosa Heels by Teysha
Frida Pecosa Heels by Teysha
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Agave Siempre Sandal by Teysha
Agave Siempre Sandal by Teysha
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Protecting Your Skin

Lightweight and easy to apply, this daily face sunscreen lotion provides excellent broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays with non-nano, uncoated zinc oxide, the safest and most effective single mineral active ingredient. Damascus Rose, Chamomile, and Lavender soothe, refresh, and revitalize delicate skin. Seabuckthorn, Rosehip, and Pomegranate deliver potent antioxidants and vital nutrients. Lab approved non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and hypoallergenic so it’s great for all skin types and can be worn alone or as a primer under makeup.


Shop Badger Balm

Pack It All Together!

This extraordinary Bunglo modern tote is your perfectly practical and breathtaking solution to carrying all the belongings you need to take with you throughout your adventures.  With a comfy leather strap, and plentiful space inside, this nomadic treasure can be used for any occasion!thaigoods_25_of_36.jpg

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