The word ‘bunglo’ is derived from the word ‘bungalow’. I love how bungalows have various meanings from around the world, in Chicago a bungalow is a city dwelling, in Thailand it’s a home on stilts, in India – a home on a river. In Brazil, a bungalow is a beach hut – my favorite kind of ‘bunglo’. The word ‘bunglo’ is my own version of the word, a combination of all the bungalows around the home with a tropical, mid century flair. I’ve always felt best in warm places, environments that are covered in tropical trees that carry a nice evening breeze. I created bunglo to create a space that feels like I’m on vacation all the time. With an addition of a few pillows, I feel I’m on a permanent vacation – talk about good vibes 🙂 Take a peak into my current mood board for our upcoming Spring collection inspired by Brazil.

In the Studio with Liz Mos

A dear friend came to capture the magic that happens inside the Bunglo studio!

One of my very lovely and talented friends, offered to come spend a day in my bunglo studio and capture the development process for our new bohemian pouches!

Thank you Liz! Where are some of your favorite places to work from?


Bunglo Studio Tour

I’m so thrilled to finally have a home office! After spending the past 6 months living out of suitcase traveling, it feels so nice to have a designated space to create! I painted our upstairs loft an egg shell white – blank space is a blank mind – ready to be filled with inspiration. I use the white walls as a real life pinterest board. I mix up the themes when I’ve completed a collection and ready to design something new. I feel peaceful in this space and excited to ‘go to work’ everyday in my favorite spot – home 🙂

Thank you for the photos, Stefano!