Austin Creatives’ Giveaway!

Let’s Celebrate Austin Designers With A Whole Lotta Local Love Giveaway! 


Bunglo has partnered with other local Austin brands to give ONE lucky winner, some amazing local swag that retails for over $2,500. We are partnering with friends and brands we admire; SHOP TROVE, With Love From Ding, Noah Marion Quality Goods, Stone Textile, Moulton, Byron and Blue, The Paper Craft Pantry, Eat Curcuma, ARO, Miranda Bennett, Frankie Jean, The Refinery, Leah Duncan, and Claire Brody.

To Participate: 

  1. Head over to @AUSTINCREATIVESGIVEAWAY on instagram and follow all participating brands that the @AUSTINCREATIVESGIVEAWAY account follows.
  2. Once you have followed everyone, like and comment “ENTERED” on our instagram post.
  3. Tag your friends in the instagram comments for additional entries! Giveaway closes on February 4th at midnight CT


Good Luck! Winner will be announced February 5th, 2018! Open to all residents in the USA! 


Local Austin Jewelry and Perfume

january 2018 (10 of 11)
ARO: Clare Earrings in Noir
ARO: Clare Earrings in Noir
Moulton: Kite Earrings
Moulton: Kite Earrings
Noah Marion Quality Goods: 1951 Eau de Parfum
Noah Marion Quality Goods: 1951 Eau de Parfum



Austin Modern Home Decor

january 2018 (1 of 11)

Byron and Blue: Rag Rag Turkish Pillow in Rose
Bunglo: Midnight + Jade Tree 20x20 Pillows with Down Insert
Bunglo: Midnight + Jade Tree 20×20 Pillows with Down Insert




january 2018 (4 of 11).jpg

Miranda Bennett: Indigo Dye Box
Miranda Bennett: Indigo Dye Box


Neutral Vibes

january 2018 (6 of 11)

Frankie Jean: Tacos + Darlin' Hat
Frankie Jean: Tacos + Darlin’ Hat
Stone Textile: Herringone Black + White 20x20 pillow, Rip Black on Oatmeal 24x24 pillow
Stone Textile: Herringone Black + White 20×20 pillow, Rip Black on Oatmeal 24×24 pillow


Local Austin Gifts

january 2018 (11 of 11).jpg

Eat Curcuma: Golden Tumeric Paste
Eat Curcuma: Golden Tumeric Paste
Leah Duncan: Agave Shapes Tea Towel
Leah Duncan: Agave Shapes Tea Towel
The Paper Craft Pantry: Gift Card & 2018 Desk Calendar
The Paper Craft Pantry: Gift Card & 2018 Desk Calendar


Fashion With A Mission

january 2018 (9 of 11).jpg

SHOP TROVE: The Hattie Sweater in Black
SHOP TROVE: The Hattie Sweater in Black


Gift Cards

january 2018 (8 of 11)

The Refinery: 1 Month Pass
The Refinery: 1 Month Pass *** Available to austin residents only.
Bunglo: Atitlan Ceramic Dish
Bunglo: Atitlan Ceramic Dish
With Love From Ding: Spruce Design Kit
With Love From Ding: Spruce Design Kit
Claire Brody: 1 Hour Design Consultation (In-person or Over Skype)
Claire Brody: 1 Hour Design Consultation (In-person or Over Skype)

Head over the @austincreativesgiveaway to enter! Share with your friends, we can’t wait to gift all of this Austin love!

How To Decorate With Brass

When looking to add brass accents to your modern home, subtle touches make a big impact.

Get the Look: Accenting With Brass in the Kitchen

modern home decor brass bar stools
Photo Courtesy of: Camille Styles

Add brass bar stools to your kitchen island countertop for additional modern seating.


Modern Home Decor Brass Flatware
Courtesy of: East Fork Pottery

Modern brass flatware can be used for everyday place settings or for special occasions that call for modern decor.


Mid Century Modern Brass Accented Dining Room
Courtesy of: Architectural Digest

This colorful Mid Century modern dining room still allows the brass chandelier to make a statement without overshadowing the colorful design elements.


Get the Look: Brass Bathroom Accents

Neutral bathroom with modern brass finishes
Courtesy of: Decorpad

Brass in the bathroom can be subtle by only accenting with brass fixtures and a neutral color palette.

Mid Century modern neutral bathroom
Courtesy of: Carly Waters Style

A Mid Century wooden vanity with subtle brass knob accents creates a simple and inviting bathroom that is ideal for guests.


Get the Look: Decorate With Brass Accented Furniture

Mid Century Modern Chair with Brass Details
Courtesy of: Augousti

 An accent chair with brass legs is a modern twist on a class arm chair.


Lucite and Brass Entertaining Bar Cart
Courtesy of: Katie Kime

Acrylic and brass make the perfect pair when looking for modern bar cart decor.


Modern Brass Statement Office Chairs
Courtesy of: Architectural Digest

Oversized mid century inspired office chairs with brass accents make a strong powerful statement.


What is your favorite way to decorate with brass in your modern home? Comment and add pictures below!

Top Vacation Spots for 2018

Bunglo’s Top 8 Vacation Spots for 2018

We all need a little more sun in the winters!

Take off to a far away land to retreat in nature, float in the ocean and enjoy lazy days of relaxation.

We’ve rounded up our favorite vacation spots for 2018 just for you!

1. Cario, Egypt

A magical city to hold ancient secrets. A perfect getaway for the curious!




2. Sri Lanka

Ride elephants, swim in the ocean and explore the tropics.




3. Islands of Thailand

Enjoy a fresh coconut on a pristine Thai beach. Learn about buddhism and enjoy the land of smiles 🙂




4. Hawaii

Tropical USA exists! No passport needed and an abundance of natural wonders await!




5. Tulum, Mexico

A hidden gem tucked in the jungle, Tulum is a one of a kind beach town that is known to enlighten the soul.




6. Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Turquoise waters and afro-caribbean music. Enjoy rainforest sounds, daily yoga and natural vitamin D 🙂




7. Bocas Del Toro, Panama

A quick trip from Costa Rica, Bocas Del Toro is an untouched chain of islands that is a must see for water lovers!




8. Cape Town, South Africa

Get lost in Cape Town’s colorful neighborhood, Boo Kap. Learn to surf and spend your days at the beach.





Where are you going in 2018?

New Year, New You.


Setting Intentions with the Moon

As we move into a new year, we transition from decay to rebirth; the old to the new.  This transition time of in-between is called “liminality”. For many of us, it’s uncomfortable to balance one foot in two places. Some times of liminality include ending one relationship before finding your next partner. Or quitting a job and looking for a new career. Moving to a new city, the change between the seasons, and personal growth changes as you let go of the old to make room for the new.

Goddess Art Print by Shay Spaniola

One of the most potent tools for this in-between time is setting intentions. To set an intention is to get a clear vision on how you want to feel and how you can live in alignment with your vision for yourself.  The most powerful time to set intentions is on the New Moon each month.  Every 29 days, a New Moon provides the energy that will manifest over the next 4 weeks!

Mystic Art

On December 17th, the New Moon will be in the sign of Sagittarius, inviting us to move towards our One True Aim. This energy is all about conscious intention and mindful action.  This is an especially strong energy that will help us close out 2017 so that we can start our new year with grace and purpose.

Sagittarius is a sign of seeking truth while experiencing freedom; sometimes freedom comes from discipline and order.  So, what can you organize this month to allow you to live a new year in alignment with how you want to feel?

Flower Art Print

To let your intentions take flight throughout the coming year, take a moment to meditate on or journal the following:


  • What are a few things from 2017 that you feel you’re ready to let go of? What do you NOT want to carry into your new year?

  • What is one negative habit that you can work on letting go of these next few weeks to start your year off on a new foot?


  • What will be your personal theme for next year? It could be a word like “calm” or “joyful” or a personal mantra statement “I want to feel free” or “I am healing” …

  • What is one positive habit you’d like to incorporate into your daily routine in 2018?

To turn this into your own Moon Ceremony, gather a candle + lighter, a crystal or gemstone, and a journal + pen.  After you write down your RELEASE answers, burn the paper (safely) or bury it in the ground.  When you write down your INTENTION answers, hold your crystal close to your heart, take a deep breath in and a deep breath out.  State your intention out loud, and then blow out your candle.

Buddha Art Print

May your one true aim, your intention, inspire your daily actions and fuel your deepest dreams.

To learn more about setting intentions with the moon, visit

The Universe Loves You

13 Plant Based Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes

And we bet your guests won’t even know!

Here’s a round up of the very best plant based vegan holiday recipes! (Gluten free too!)


Vegan Walnut, Sage & Cranberry Stuffed Holiday Mushrooms

Vegan Plant Based Stuffed Mushrooms
Photo + Recipe //

Perfect sized bites for your Thanksgiving appetizers! Simple, whole ingredients such as mushroom, walnuts, garlic, shallots, sage, rosemary, thyme, cranberries and nutritional yeast flakes for the ‘bread crumb’s’ – 100% vegan plant based and gluten free!



Vegan Shepherd’s Pie

Vegan Plant Based Lentil Sheperd's pie
Photo + Recipe //

Vegan comfort food is what it’s all about this season! Indulge in your family favorites without that tired feeling at the end of the meal! Shepherd’s pie is a favorite for sunday dinners or your plant based Thanksgiving.



Melting Sweet Potatoes With Maple-Peach Sauce

Photo + Recipe //

4 simple ingredients for this fall classic! Recipe calls for unsalted butter but we recommend using earth balance for a plant based thanksgiving!  Try our favorite Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Lentil and Quinoa dish as heartier version!



Simple Vegan Stuffing

Photo + Recipe //

What’s Thanksgiving without stuffing?! Try this simple vegan stuffing recipe that we swear is better than the original! Gluten free? Pick up gluten free bread crumbs from Whole Foods – they stock them seasonally!



Vegan Mashed Potatoes With Garlic & Chives

Photo + Recipe //

Warm, buttery mashed potatoes! A signature dish for the holidays and probably the easiest to make vegan!



Plant Based Green Bean Casserole

Photo + Recipe //

This fabulous recipe uses cashews instead of cheese and unsweetened almond milk instead of milk. 100% vegan and who doesn’t love green bean casserole?



Onion, Black Olive & Thyme Tart

Photo + Recipe //

Let’s be serious. The breadbasket needs an update. Impress your guests with this veggie packed, whole-grain loaf. Best part? It’s gluten free!



Turmeric Roasted Chickpea Carrot Salad With Apple Cider Tahini Dressing

Photo + Recipe //

Roasted turmeric chickpeas and multi colored carrots topped with a light apple cider vinegar dressing. Add a few brussel sprouts to make the recipe your own!




Photo + Recipe //

” This hearty vegan meatloaf is made from a base of seasoned chickpeas, baked up to perfection and topped with a flavorful maple glaze. It’s not quite a classic meatloaf. It’s better. ” – Alissa from



Vegan Mushroom Make-Ahead Gravy

Vegan Plant Based Gravy
Photo + Recipe //

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a plant based vegan gray! Replace the flour in the recipe with rice flour to make gluten free friendly.



Vegan No-Bake Pumpkin Pie Tarts

Photo + Recipe //
Vegan Pumpkin Pie Tarts
Photo + Recipe //

Real food. Who said dessert couldn’t be healthy? These are just so good that we gave them two photos on the blog!



Vegan Pecan Pie

Vegan Pecan Pie
Photo + Recipe //

Rich, sweet and the perfect way to end your plant based Thanksgiving!



Vegan Chai Latte

Vegan Chai Latte
Photo + Recipe //

Treat your guests to a warm drink at the end of the night. A great alternative to coffee and definitely a specialty!


Let us know your favorite plant based vegan recipes to share!

Feng Shui Your Bedroom and Infuse Zen into Your Space with 5 Simple Steps

The bedroom is a place to unwind and relax after a long day – so why not make sure it’s full of peace and harmony? All it takes is adding a few modern home accessories into your space to transform it into a calming haven.

Keep clutter out of the bedroom – Cellphones, computers and televisions create distractions and bring stressful energy into the space. Instead, use just a few colorful accents that promote relaxation and peace — no clutter allowedQuartz Salt Lamp

Create a clutter-free zone.


Add Peaceful Patterns: Olviedo Pillows


Open windows allow for proper feng shui in the bedroom – Stale air is never a good idea. In a modern home, bring in plenty of sunlight and fresh oxygen to enhance the flow and energy. Essential oils, incense and candles are an amazing option for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Incense and oils

Incense and essential oils create a positive energy in the bedroom.


Set the mood: Shaman Modern Candles 


Balance neutrals with colorful patterns — Modern patterns and colors help create a balanced bedroom by adding harmonious energy to the space. Choose pillows and bedding that feature vibrant hues to complement neutral room tones.



Luxury Cotton: SHORE Sheets 


Add color to your bedroom through thoughtfully-chosen modern décor and natural plants — Bring nature inside and pair it with soothing artwork to really create a zen retreat in your home.

Natural plants and Art

Create a modern oasis and with soothing art.


Get the Look: Chefchouen Art Print


Muted, neutral colors embody the idea of feng shui in the bedroom  Balance is key to create a flowing energy that encourages sleep and healing. Modern home tones ranging from creamy white to earthy chocolate create an ideal palette.

Muted Neutrals

BUNGLO_BY_SHAY_SPANIOLA_195_of_346_1024x1024Get the Look: Olive Pillows in 12×20, 20×20 + 24×24


Feng Shui is simple to implement into any bedroom — what are your favorite pieces?

6 DIY Ideas For A Modern Halloween

Simple Mod Boho Pumpkin Designs to Decorate Your Fall!

Fall is cozy.  It’s the time we begin nesting at home, treating ourselves to warm apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes, fires, snuggling up with good books and honoring the change of seasons. One way to make your home feel seasonal is to add natural decor such as acorns, pumpkins, pinecones, fall pillows and warm candles.

This year, we’re upgrading our fall decor to have a modern edge!

Check out 6 DIY pumpkin carving and decorating ideas for your mod boho home.  Get the stylish fall vibes your whole family will love!


Everyone’s loving mud cloth these days! Native to Mali, these trendy textiles are adding pops of culture to our modern sofas. The designs are simple yet elegant. Get the deets on how to create DIY Mud Cloth Pumpkins on the Homey Oh My Blog! 


Saturated highlighter colors mixed with stark whites are are all the rage in trendy mod living. Adding a pop of bright to your halloween decor with this super simple tutorial on the Paper n Stitch Blog!


These DIY fingerprint pumpkins are perfect for the no-carve lovers who want to play it safe with their little ones! Add some cute-ness to halloween with paint and personality! Head over to Handmade Charolette to get the step by step instructions!


Elegant yet mystical. Create a universe with your family’s unique pumpkins! Of course Design Sponge came up with this magical craft.


Typography pumpkins are sure to add a modern flair to your halloween decor! Find out how to transfer your text at the Studio DIY. 


DIY pumpkin lanterns! Love the mix of oranges and blues. This is a simple carve that takes a little patience but will be sure to make your fall feel cozy! Learn some tips and tricks on this design at Design Love Fest! 

Share your favorite ideas!

Post a photo or link your favorite DIY tutorial! We’d love to hear from you!

13 Modern Blush Rooms on Trend

Stylish Ideas for Adding Blush Accents to Your Modern Space

Rose Quartz was Pantone‘s color of the year in 2016 but it’s still as big as ever! You’ll see this light pink through out modern homes, on pillows, bedding, art and accent pieces. Take a peak at our favorites!


Dreamy Blush Bedding
Dreamy Blush Bedding
Modern Marshall Pillow
Get the Look: Modern Blush Marshall Pillows
Pale Pink Modern Room
Mix Modern Pale Pinks with White, Black and Tribal Accents
Modern Pink Pillow
Add One Accent Rose Quartz Pillow to Make Your Modern Space on Trend!
Modern Rosemary Pillows
Get the Look: Rosemary Pillows
Pink Modern Sofa
Love This Velvet Peachy-Pink Modern Sofa! Decorate with a Few Blush Pillows for a Monochromatic Look!
Modern Nakuru Pillows
Get the Look: Nakuru Pillows in Blush
Modern Blush Room
Add Pattern or Textured Blush to Your White Modern Room!
Modern Pink Bath
Add a Pop of Modern Pink to Your Bath!
Casablanca Shower Curtain
Get the Look: Casablanca Shower Curtain
Pink Linen Modern Bedding
Linen Bedding is Beautiful! Add a Few Decorative Blush Pillows to Complete the Look!


Get the Look: bunglo Pico’s Pillows


Pink Upholstery Fabric
LOVING Upholstered Headboards! Get Creative with Custom Fabrics
Modern Pink Accents
Get That Hollywood Glam Look with Pale Pink, Gold and Large Photographs


Get the Look: Florence Art Print
bunglo Barcelona Art Print
Get the Look: Barcelona Art Print
Get the Look: Atlas Art Print
Modern Pink Decor
Add a Touch of Blush with Shams or a Pale Pink Wall

Mariana Pillows

Blush Decor
The Hue of Blush is Calming and Beautiful
Rose Quartz Wallpaper
Rose Quartz Wallpaper – Perfect for a Modern Accent Wall
Modern Blush Bedroom
Make Your Room Cozy with Pale Pinks, Creams and Whites



Get the Look: bunglo Casablanca Duvet



I hope you’re inspired to decorate! What are your favorite colors to decorate with?




Modern Bath Accessories

The Atitlán Collection

Made in small batches, these ceramics will available for a limited time only!

fall collection (2 of 15)

I’m thrilled with how the bunglo bath ceramics turned out! Inspired by my travels to Guatemala and visiting my friend’s Mid Century Modern Vacation Home, I focused on creating decor for the modern bath.

The Atitlán collection is perfect for your chic vanity.

Atitlán Bath Set
Atitlán Bath Set

We paired these with our favorite Coyuchi Organic Mediterranean Towels in Azure Ocean. If you haven’t tried turkish towels, they’ll change your life!

Atitlán Soap Dish
Atitlán Soap Dish

Each piece from the collection is slightly different as they’re hand painted. I love that no two products are exactly the same.

Atitlán Ring Dish
Atitlán Ring Dish – The Perfect Gift!

The ring dish is perfect for when you’re taking a shower or washing your face, it’s nice to have a place for your valuable jewels! While being engaged last year, I received a few ring dishes as gifts; I use them in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom!

Izabel Modern Ceramic Bath Decor
Complete the set with all 3!

Navy is always a classic go to for a modern look.

Izabel Modern Bath Decor
Izabel Modern Ceramic Bath Decor

Lately I’ve been using the Izabal Ceramic Cup for my pencils and the Isabel Ceramic Dish for my desk trinkets. Multi use is great for an electric home!


See how the collection was made!