bunglo artisan: shay spaniola.

In the studio with Shay Spaniola, the founder of bunglo and creative mind behind the entire brand. Shay is a designer, entrepreneur, brand guru and mother. She has designed over 500 patterns for bunglo and has brought her designs to Anthropologie, West Elm, HGTV and more. She is a creative mastermind who we are so excited to showcase as a bunglo artisan. (the OG bunglo artisan!)

Shay’s collection bring pieces of her travels around the world. Her watercolor paintings bring a fluidity and elegance to each pattern and you can find her photography as art prints to go seamlessly with her textiles.

What You’ll Find In Shay’s Collection.

With over 500 patterns, Shay has covered a broad range of colors, prints and vibes! You are sure to find the right one for you. Her pattern work is derived from her personal watercolor work, so each pattern has a hand touched, artisanal feeling.

Shay uses colors such as hues of blue, cream, pops of red and orange as well as dusty pinks. She draws color inspiration from the world around her and believes in leading a colorful life.

“each pattern has a hand touched, artisanal feeling.”

Back to the 70s.

Shay has been inspired not only by her lush travels, but also by 60s and 70s design. Her patterns hold a psychedelic aspect that fits right in with the groovy facade of the decades. Shay’s collection fits right in with a mid century modern style. She plays on the classic vintage hues, but puts a modern spin with fresh, unique pattern work. Her work has been an interior designer favorite for years and has brought so many design projects to life.

“an interior designer favorite.”

A Neutral Pallet.

Alongside her bright, lively prints, Shay offers many styles using natural Earth tones. These patterns fit in seamlessly with a laid back design, yet still pushing chic and luxurious. Her Byron Fabric reminds us of oceanside villas. We love the Bark Fabric and Joshua Tree fabric for a neutral, tan scheme that takes us to the desert! The beauty of these neutrals is that they make for great base patterns to pair with brighter, bolder prints. Try it for yourself and see your space instantly gain more depth.

“these patterns fit in seamlessly with a laid back design, yet still pushing chic and luxurious.”

Ready to bring life into your casa?

We hope Shay’s collections inspire you as much as they have inspired us! Head to the site now to view her full line up.

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