bunglo artisan: paige atwell.

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We are here to give a warm welcome to our newest bunglo artisan, Paige Atwell. Paige has been in the studio with us, creating a textile collection inspired by the sun, sand and surf. As an avid traveller and endless summer chaser, she has incorporated elements close to her heart that will speak through the patterns themselves.

Paige is a designer wearing many hats– from textiles to wetsuits and even branding, she has started a freelance career at a young age. Originally from Austin, Texas, Paige takes pride in a life of travel and working as a digital nomad in places near and far. Her latest collection, Durazno Del Sol, is inspired by her recent travels to the vibrant surf town, Sayulita, Mexico.

What’s Inside Paige’s Collection?

Vibrant colors of peach, tangerine and purple are prominent in Paige’s collection. It is only fitting, as the name Durazno del Sol translates directly to Sun Peach. You will also find hues of sage, turmeric and indigo. While designing her collection, Paige used the colors she would see on a daily basis, waking up to a fire red sunrise and walking the cobblestone streets out into the vibrant pueblo– usually stopping for fresh beet and carrot juice from a side street cart and making her way toward the indigo water for a morning wave check.

“waking up to a fire red sunrise and walking the cobblestone streets out into the vibrant pueblo.”

A Collection Featuring Naturally Hand Dyed Fabric.

All of Paige’s patterns showcase linen fabric that she naturally dyed with beets and avocados right in her kitchen in Austin, Texas. She laid the linen in the sun to dry for a sunstained effect. You’ll find these vibrant little stains throughout her patterns, bringing a natural element to each piece.

In her collection, you will find artwork featuring Frida Kahlo. Paige has always been inspired by Frida Kahlo and finds her beauty to be unmatched– she hopes her funky doodles of Frida will bring a lively vibe into your home.

Monochromatic or Mix and Match!

Paige curated her collection so that you could stick to a monochromatic pallet with differing scales of patterns, or for the color lovers, you can mix and match contrasting tones. This gives endless possibilities and leaves room for change down the line.

Throughout the collection, Paige has incorporated drawings from her sketchbook of figures surfing, bikinis and tiny dancing doodles– all things pulled directly from her salt water filled brain bank. These graphics are also accompanied by paint swirls and pencil drawings. She hopes you feel the fun, light hearted energy from these patterns.

“all things pulled directly from her salt water filled brain bank.”

Bring Your Home a Slice of the Sun.

Don’t be afraid to play with color and prints– Paige’s collection has you covered. Head to the site now to check out her full collection including fabric by the yard, pillows and art prints. We hope you feel connected to our great Sun and feel the adventurous spirit sneak into your space with this collection.

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