bunglo artisan: kate bowler.

We are happy to introduce to you our newest bunglo artisan, Kate Bowler. Kate has created a collection with the essence of her coastal life in a charming town outside of Boston. Kate is the founder and editor of Domestikated Life– a lifestyle website where she chronicles entertaining ideas, easy recipes, DIY projects and motherhood. She has also written an entertaining cookbook, New England Invite: Fresh Feasts to Savor the Seasons. She is a superwoman of a host and you will see this come through in her carefully curated collection.

What’s Inside Kate’s Collection?

Kate draws inspiration from seaside living– think nautical tones and days spent hosting in the afternoon sun. Tones of navy and ocean blue can be found, yielding the perfect pairings for a fresh home palette.

The patterns featured in her collection pull in elements from coastal life such as oyster shells, anchors and nautical flags. Your home will feel as if you are nestled right there near the sea– even if you’re not!

A Nautical Inspiration

Alongside the many blues featured in Kate’s collection, you will find tones of red that bring warmth into your home color palette. We love the vibrant, yet subdued contrast of the red and blue together, like a summer sky and ocean waves. You can especially see this contrast in the Flag Fabric.

We love pairing the smaller scale prints, such as the Red Twinkle, with the larger scale patterns, such as the Red Waves Fabric. This combo matches in color, yet still, brings the depth and layers you are looking for when mixing patterns.

“the vibrant, yet subdued contrast of the red and blue together, like a summer sky and ocean waves.”

Patterns to Mix and Match, Simply.

While designing her collection, Kate carefully chose patterns that would pair together seamlessly. Pattern mixing is a signature of her styling and festive tablescapes featured on her Instagram. All of the tones, ranging from shades of red, white, green and blue, were crafted into palette with endless mixing combinations. Kate has included art prints, with the same colors and patterns that will pair beautifully with the fabric and pillows. This will create an overall cohesive feeling in your space. The entire collection looks great paired with natural toned linen, light blue accents and shades of cream and light gray. Her patterns will stand out in any room and bring a coastal nod with them.

“patterns that pair together seamlessly”

Ready to dive into the coastal life?

We’ve loved creating these beautiful textiles with Kate, and now it is your turn to bring them to life in your home. Her collection speaks to sunny days spent on the shoreline, collecting seashells and al fresco entertaining with friends and family– and her patterns will welcome these feelings into your home.

Head to the website now to check out Kate’s full collection including fabric by the yard, pillows and art prints!

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