bunglo artisan: claire brody.

We’ve been busy in the studio with our new bunglo artisan, Claire Brody. We are inspired by her antique, yet modern, farmhouse aesthetic and are happy to share with you her collection that embodies slow living, and reminds us of the interiors of classic villas in the European countryside.

Claire is an interior designer with a wide range of projects under her belt. She created this collection for luxurious, yet relaxed homes and her warm, collected style comes through in the natural tones and mediums used to create her textiles. She has a passion for antique decor and believes that incorporating vintage findings into your home brings with them depth and a story. Claire’s collection is one of a kind and carefully curated to bring you that hint of handmade artisanal art into your beloved home. Read more about Claire and her designs on her website- Claire Brody Design + Shop.

“antique, yet modern, farmhouse aesthetic.”

Textiles designed by Claire Brody.

Wondering what you’ll find in Claire’s collection?

You are sure to stumble into an array of fabric, pillows and art in patterns dressed in rich hues of indigo, terracotta, olive, cream and charcoal. We love the peachy, terracotta that reminds us of antique vessels you may find in a vintage shop, paired alongside indigo prints that bring us flashbacks of ocean views from a little villa’s kitchen on the coast of Italy.

The delicate, painted effect on Claire’s fabric instills a feeling of handmade, vintage textiles and will bring your home a true artisan’s touch.

“a true artisan’s touch.”

All of the pieces in Claire’s collection were carefully curated to be easily mixed and matched– this will give you that effortlessly eclectic aesthetic that we all adore.

Charcoal and navy tones, featured above to the left, come together to provide a more refined, elegant pallet with neutral contrasts. While the brighter shades of terracotta and apricot, featured to the right, will breathe warmth and a more natural feeling into your space.

Olive Fields and Olive Vines Fabric

Shades of green to mix, featured above, are the perfect compliment to summer living. A brighter green paired with the deeper, earthy hue will provide your space with a fresh feeling– al fresco!

We imagine the Olive Fields fabric draped as elegant curtains, while the Olive Vines may sit wonderfully as upholstered seating or even as accent pillows. This pair looks especially magical when styled with natural linens and canvas.

“the perfect compliment to summer living.”

Indigo Flora, Indigo Vines and Charcoal Bones Fabric.

These indigo tones make you feel as if you’re diving into the deepest and bluest of waters. Indigo, plum, sage and little accents of charcoal make for a breezy, yet rich pallet. The Indigo Flora Fabric paired with Indigo Vines will bring layers into your space and make for the perfect base of serenity.

If you’re feeling funky, throw in the Terracotta Bones Pillow for a warm, adventurous accent!

“breezy, yet rich pallet.”

Ready to transform your home?

Head to our website to view Claire’s collection in all its glory. We know these vintage inspired patterns will bring your home a transformation that will transcend all seasons and trends– leaving you with timeless pieces, making your home feel like a true piece of art.

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