Color Therapy: Red for the Holidays

Your guide to styling with December reds.

Are you looking to add a strong, passionate and desirable energy into your home?!

The color red will emit a frequency in your home that brings these fiery moods into your space. Red is an exciting color and will bring a fun energy into your space– perfect for the holidays! 

(Image via bunglo)

Red doesn’t have to be used as the classic “Christmas Decor” it is usually envisioned as! If you want that holiday mood, without the cookie cutter red & green pallet, then use pops of red in a modern print (try leaving out the green and switch it out with a blue!!) 

Choosing throw pillows with pops of red will bring in the feeling you are after and are easily changed when the holidays are over! (You can shop by color online at bunglo!)

Here is some red interior inspiration to set the mood!!

(Image via Archi Tonic)
(Image via Mathew Williamson)
(Image via Lekker Home)

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