3 Simple Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

There is something special about receiving a handmade gift.

Spending the extra time creating a gift for someone you care for truly brings joy to whomever may be receiving your gift. Maybe it’s the “made with love” touch that comes with a handmade gift or maybe just the feeling of true thoughtfulness!

Skip the lines and long shipping times this year and create a special gift, by hand! Here are a few ideas that are simple, yet show your appreciation!

Let’s make something beautiful!

Hand Picked Bouquet

You may be thinking, flowers??? They are so simple!! But really, it is a special gift to receive a bouquet carefully curated for your own personality. Head to your local flower shop and pick out flowers that remind you of the person whom you are making them for. Think of little obscurities they might find interesting, or colors they adore! Have fun with your bouquet and make it really speak to the person you are gifting! For some inspiration, check out Forma Floral and f8ke_flowers on instagram!

Painted/ Sketched Card

Another simple, yet classic gift. A card to write your exact feelings and words of inspiration to your friend or loved one. Try using paints to illustrate an image that speaks to your relationship with that person. They will feel so loved and probably even hang your card as art!!

S’Mores Basket

From the second they see this gift, their mouth will be watering! This is a simple gift that just requires a bit of gathering and arranging. Pick a basket that is large enough to spread out your desired crackers, marshmallows and choice of chocolate! Think about any dietary restrictions such as dairy, nuts etc.–and don’t forget to include skewer sticks for roasting. This makes for a great hostess gift as well, and creates a fun activity for an evening around the fire!

Now it’s time to turn up the holiday records and get to creating, with love!!

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