Sleep Tight : A Holiday Gift Guide to Transform Dreamscapes

Holiday gifts to bring peaceful rest to your friends and family.

Having trouble deciding what gifts to give this year?! What better way to show your love than to gift products that will enhance the dream space of your closest people!

It’s no joke that the year has been a crazy whirlwind, and with holiday stress added, we all need a little ritual upgrade! Rest is vital to feeling good and keeping the energies high, so we’ve rounded up our favorite products from enlightened brands that will help you and your people rest easy! Everything from crystals, pillows, eye masks, and pjs!

Let’s get dreaming!

Rosemary Pillow by bunglo

How beautiful are the soothing tones of lilac and peach featured in this patterned pillow?! Bunglo pillows come in four custom sizes, so you are sure to find the right one for your textile enthusiast friend! There are also over 500 patterns to choose from, try getting colors in soothing purples and blues to bring a calm feeling.

(Image Via Crystal Works)

Labradorite Freeform Crystal by Crystal Works

Big crystal energy! This giant labradorite crystal will transform any dream space. Labradorite is said to keep away the energy drain from interactions throughout our day and helps with dream work. This crystal aids in manifestation– perfect for the bedside table!

(Image Via bunglo)

Clary Sage Face Mask by bunglo

This bright face mask is made with organic cotton, in Los Angeles! There are many patterns available online and come in children’s size too! The soft, cozy material will be sure to make this mask your friend’s favorite!

(Image Via Anthropologie)

Half Moon Crystal Collection Silk Eye Pillow by Anthropologie

These are magic eye pillows. An aromatic blend of lavender and crystals held within a silk case– what an incredible way to relax before bed. Do you have a friend who regularly practices yoga or meditation? Tell them to try this eye pillow during savasana!

(Image Via bunglo)

Ceramic Ring Dishes by bunglo

These ceramic ring dishes from bunglo are the perfect bedside table accessory. They will help keep the small things together– think jewelry, crystals or even essential oils.

Bagheera Long Sleep Set by Print Fresh

Holiday pjs are always the answer! Cozy up with a matching set for the family!! Print Fresh has amazing patterns that will outlast the holiday season and keep your sleeps warm and comfy. We love opening Christmas Eve jammies and waking up in matching sets on Christmas morning.

(Image Via Anthropologie)

Skin Gym Gua Sha Sculpting Tool by Anthropologie

This gua sha, available in rose quartz or jade is the ultimate skin tool for relaxation and good energy. Using a gua sha before you sleep helps to stimulate blood flow and calm your mind. Anyone can incorporate this simple ritual into their nightly routine and will feel so good doing it!

We hope that these gifts inspire big dreams and help your loved ones elevate their nightly routines!

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