Bunglo Organic Cotton Face Masks

Masks–this is is our new normal. And as we navigate these uncertain times, it is important to remember why these masks are a new part of our society.


If protection is the main goal, then why are so many of these masks made from synthetic materials sprayed with chemicals? Why are we not protecting our skin? Why are we putting in effort to protect others, yet paying no attention to the direct harm we are causing our own bodies?

It’s time to start connecting the dots – we can protect others as well as ourselves! Choose a mask made from organic materials. Fabrics that will not cause harm to your skin, such as organic cotton. We are proud of our nation for coming together and taking the necessary precautions to aid in the recovery of our world, which makes this message even more important to share.

We are happy to share these bunglo face masks made from 100% organic cotton. They are made in Los Angeles to support domestic production. Not only are these face masks safe for your skin, they are also made in patterns that will emit bright and happy vibes. Your expressions may be covered, but these masks will sufficiently facilitate that cheeky smile cracking beneath.

Check out these bunglo organic cotton face masks and buy some for the whole family!

Organic Cotton Face Masks
(Photo Via bunglo)

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