Minimalistic Art

Art prints to add life to your walls.

One of the first things we notice when walking into a room is the art. Your walls truly speak for your space. A clean, empty wall is like a blank canvas– ready to be moulded into your room’s foundational center piece. There are many ways to hang your art. Whether you prefer one large painting or a collage of many smaller ones, your creative technique is true to your own space. Use your designer eye and choose what print, regarding size and color, fits within your aesthetic. Quality art is a fun way to add texture and color into your home, whilst contributing to the overall mood. Here are our favorite enlightened minimalistic artists at the moment!


These beautiful acrylic paintings are both minimalistic and intimate. Lucinda Jones is an Australian artist, specializing in her use of white space to create beautiful figures. Original paintings as well as art prints of her most popular creations are available. Check out her art on her website or instagram!


Andy Blank is a Brooklyn based artist. His work is simple, yet intriguing. The pieces jump out at you, utilizing depth and texture. Andy is setting a new standard to art buying online which includes fair prices and quality products completely original to and made in house. The best part– all art is under $199!


These woodblock paper prints are the perfect minimalistic statement piece. They bring in a mid century aesthetic. All prints are block printed in Jaipur in a woman run studio. With two different framing options available, these prints will be ready to live on your walls!


Bunglo art features watercolor patterns created by Austin creative, Shay Spaniola. Her art bursts with color and depth, which will add a new dimension to your blank walls. Also a photographer, Shay has taken photos all around the world and turned them into art prints to inspire your home. Check out more art on bunglo’s website!

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