Fabrics You’ll Love For Fall Weather

As the weather starts to change, it’s a good idea to switch out your summer textiles for more hearty, warm fabrics. Wool and organic cotton bases for autumn will refresh your design and create a cozy winter bunker in your space!

Fall Textiles
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The wool family is large and a cold weather staple. Cashmere, merino, mohair and flannel are all a part of the wool family, which makes them incredible insulators to keep the heat in. Wool is the most hearty of winter fabrics, perfect for living room throws or even a full bedding set for cold climates.

Fall Textiles
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Organic Cotton is a versatile textile, making it a great option for any season. Soft and breathable, yet still able to keep the heat in, this fabric can be used for bedding as well as upholstering chairs, couches etc. Pick colors that bring your space into a dreamy, autumn landscape.

Fall Textiles
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Linen is another trans-seasonal fabric. Not everyone needs a heavy wool blanket for fall, so if you find yourself in more moderate weather, linen will be your best option. Flax linen is a natural, soft fabric. You can add warmth by simply adding extra layers, yet the properties of linen ensure that you will still be kept cool. If you still desire a fall aesthetic, simply purchase bedding, upholstering fabric or blankets in colors such as rust, terracotta, clay and burgundy.

Fall Textiles
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We love the deep fall colors, such as the Eclectic Moon Fabric featured above, from bunglo! Check out hundreds of patterns on. organic cotton and linen fabric. Perfect home fabric for your next interior design project going into fall.

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