Pre-Holiday Grounding Rituals

It’s no secret that tensions start to rise as the holiday seasons approach. Maybe it’s the stress of hosting a large dinner party, or maybe the nerves of seeing distant friends and family. Whatever the trigger is, we want you to feel good going into the season and have the necessary tools to ground yourself before the madness begins!

Grounding Rituals
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Morning Stretching. Movement is one of the best ways to work out the kinks in life. Simply taking ten to fifteen minutes in the morning to stretch and move your body will start your day with positivity and wake up your mind for success.

Gratitude List. The act of writing is powerful. Words that are jotted onto paper are thoughts that go into the universe and soon manifest. One of the best ways to create positive energy around yourself is to make a daily gratitude list of ten things you are thankful for. These can be simple phrases outlining the things in life you appreciate. When you live with gratitude, your life becomes magical and it’s almost as if you have a bubble around you blocking out any negativity.

Fresh Air. When the walls feel as if they are closing in, step outside! The fresh air will jolt your mind into a new realm and release serotonin. You can take a walk around your street or even suit up for a run. Being outdoors, whether it is cold or hot outside, will help you to remember the beauty in our world– just keep your mind and eyes open!

Grounding Rituals
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Find Moments of Peace. Around the holidays we are usually surrounded by large groups. Family dinner parties, work events and various other obligations make finding quiet time difficult. For more introverted people, this can be exhausting. Finding a moment of silence can make all the difference in your day or night. A few methods could be stepping outside for a few moments alone or escaping to another room for five minutes. These few minutes of alone time will help to wind down the mind and reset.

Endorphins. Endorphins make you happy! These little guys are our natural energy boosters. Ditch the coffee and move your body instead! We release endorphins while working out, laughing and meditating. Ease your mind and radiate happy vibes.

Music. Ambiance is everything. Turn up tunes that make you happy. Dance around and do a little jig, or simply have it playing in the background. Songs that you love will be sure create a happy space for your day. It’s also a great way to set the mood for any gathering and ensure no awkward silences!

Create a Sanctuary. Make your home a sanctuary. Decorate your space with things that give you peace. Embrace color therapy and stick to an aesthetic that will bring clarity to your mind rather than clutter. What you include in your home is intimate and special to you, so make it your dream space!

Grounding Rituals
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