Benefits Of Cold Weather Sauna Sessions

Fall is here and the temperatures are dropping. How are you staying warm this season? Stripping down and engaging in a relaxing sauna session may be your best bet to raising your body heat while lowering stress levels. Here are a few benefits of cold weather sauna sessions!

Benefits Of Sauna Sessions
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Detox. As your body heats up, you start to sweat. This act of sweating for a longer period of time helps to detox your body through the skin. Impurities and toxins will flow from within, leaving you feeling clean and clear.

Reduce Cold and Flu. Resting in a sauna daily, or even a few times a week, can help increase white blood cells and improve your immune defense to colds. The high heat can also help to destroy the virus and bacteria by raising your body’s temperature.

Clear The Mind. It is no joke that the holidays are stressful. With events such as Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, as well as ending job cycles, stress seems as if it is floating through the air. Relaxing in a warm sauna will provide you the necessary still moment to let your nerves rest and help to clear your mind. Taking the time to release tension and connect to your body, especially while detoxing, will leave you feeling lighter and present.

Benefits Of Sauna Sessions
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Warm Glow. Humans are designed to move. Movement is a part of us and in the winter months this can be daunting. A sauna session will open up your pores and allow your body to sweat as if you’re running or working out on the hottest day of summer– yet it is cold outside! You will be left with warm, rosy skin post sauna session. Just make sure to rehydrate with water.

Recovery. Whether you tumble down the ski slopes, have a burner session at the gym or simply experience annoying day to day aches and pains, the sauna will help your body to recover. Pain goes deep into your muscle tissues and it is important to warm them up to rid the aches. The heat will release the tension stored in our joints and muscles, allowing your soreness and aches to dissipate.

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