Five Snuggly Blankets We Love This Season

As cooler weather starts to roll through, the fireplace is starting to roar and our cozy couch hangouts are just around the corner. We have rounded up the top five snuggly blankets for this fall season from enlightened shops we love.Get your hot tea ready and a nice novel because you won’t want to leave your cozy nook!

  1. Glacier National Park Wool Blanket by Pendleton
Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Pendleton)

Pendleton uses quality wool guaranteed to keep you warm through the seasons. Pendleton blankets are ones that last years and truly become an iconic staple in your winter household. The National Park blankets honor our beautiful national parks, which is just another reason to donate by purchasing this blanket.

2. Miramar Organic Waffle Blanket by Coyuchi

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Coyuchi)

This waffle blanket is made in Portugal with 100% Organic Cotton. With this clean fabric, you’ll feel cozy while having a minimalistic throw for your couch or bed.

3. Nublado Wool Throw by The Citizenry

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Citizenry)

4. Fine Merino Blanket by Tekla

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Tekla)

This fine merino wool blended blanket is both functional and stylish. Tekla, based in Copenhagen, uses quality textiles that will bring life into your home. We love their range of colors, both bright and muted!

5. Handwoven Lenna Throw Blanket by Anthropologie

Snuggly Fall Blankets
(Photo Via Anthropologie)

Bold and warm! This handwoven blanket is a neutral charcoal to add some texture to your space. This is a chunkier blanket, without being overpowering to your space.

Time to snuggle up! We hope these blankets bring you warmth long into the fall season.

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