5 Off-Season Travel Locations We’re Dying to See

There’s something beautiful about the forgotten, off season sanctuaries. In some towns, summer ends and it’s as if every human and business in the area starts to hibernate. So what really happens when the tourists go home? Well in my experience, the town suddenly becomes more magical than you could ever imagine. No lines at popular cafes, uncrowded beaches in the best surf spots, weather that brings a satisfying chill to your summer drenched skin and friendly locals who are ready to kick back and relax after a tiring high season rush. Experiencing a new place in it’s off season glory is nothing short of authentic. Here are the top five spots we are dying to see!

  1. Montauk, New York
5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Paige Atwell)

This hip Hamptons summer town transforms into a sleepy fishing village immediately after Labor Day. When all the Hamptons vacationers move on to their next sunny destination, the locals in Montauk are settling down for the harsh, yet beautiful, winter season. Sweeping ocean views from almost every bar, cafe or home bring in a romantic beach getaway feeling. Not many tourists come to Montauk after Labor Day, which makes this destination all the more wonderful to experience as a local would. What many do not know, Montauk has amazing weather all the way until November. There are many beach days to be had and waves to surf– this time without the crowds. If the cooler beach days aren’t your thing, the intense, colorful sunsets should be enough to book your flights here!

2.Boulder, Colorado

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Trip Savvy)

Boulder is a roaring college town come the start of school. In the summer, the college students return home and you are left with open, beautiful mountains to hike and explore! Roadtrip to nearby ski towns or take a day for some city life in Denver. The weather is hot with cooler nights, making the perfect setting for some cozy cabin evenings!

3. Joshua Tree, California

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via The Joshua Tree House)

Imagine a dreamy desert setting, but covered in snow! Joshua Tree, California is a popular town to visit when the weather is mild. Deep in the winter, the desert is even quieter than usual, with mainly climbers here to take on the Joshua Tree face while other mountains are covered in snow. Snowfall is semi rare, yet when you get the chance to see a white covered desert, it’s sure to be a magical experience!

4. Rincon, Puerto Rico

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Trip 101)

Rincon, Puerto Rico is a small world class surf town. People from the East Coast tend to escape the winter months here for unlimited sunny days. In the low season, the town is just as wonderful, just without the crowds and party-goers. Year round waves, heat and friendly locals will be enough to satisfy a great trip! Explore the waterfalls, beaches and town activities, such as Thursday night artwalks.

5. Whitehorse, Canada

5 Off-Season Travel Locations We're Dying to See
(Photo Via Nonstop Destination)

Wanting to see the Northern Lights? Whitehorse, Canada has views of The Northern Lights and tons of hiking to explore. Autumn provides fewer crowds and stunning shades of changing leaves. It may snow, yet winter activities will not be in affect yet. It is a lovely place to relax and take in the views while you gear up for winter!

There are so many perks to travelling in the off season months of a town. From smaller crowds to a more personalized adventure, there is always something beautiful to seek in the unknown. Whatever you may be looking for in your next vacation, consider experiencing the raw, authentic off season for unforgettable memories.

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