Five Minute Journal Ritual For Daily Clarity

Imagine waking up slowly, filling up a cup of coffee, nestling into your favorite chair and taking an hour of quiet time to journal every morning. As this is a nice thought, the reality of our modern day world is that time is NOT a luxury we all possess!

Whether it be early office calls, waking up your little ones or just feeling like your day has already gone haywire, the mornings can be a quick downhill slope! The one thing from the imagery above that we can apply to our everyday routines is journaling– maybe not for an hour, and definitely won’t always be quiet, but starting your day with a five minute journal ritual will provide clarity moving forward!

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Instead of scrolling through your email or socials first thing in the morning, replace this time with a journal and pen in hand. It’s okay to be lying in bed, or folded halfway over your breakfast bar. Allow your mind to stay quiet for just a bit longer. And if you’re feeling antsy or like your day just has to begin, write down these feelings! Write anything. Just the act of taking your pen to paper will provide your nerves and mind a calming sensation.

Beginning to write is scary for some. You do not need to attempt to write an award winning novel first thing in the morning. Jotting down how you feel, dreams you may remember from the night before, or just a simple list of ten things you’re grateful for that day will pave the path to clearing your head! No word is too small, no sentence too wordy, it is your journal. For your eyes only. Want to doodle? Go for it! The sole purpose of this five minute journal session is to simply turn your focus inward, resulting in a clear mind.

Five Minute Journal Ritual
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Nobody is perfect, and some days even just five minutes feels impossible. Try your hardest to stick with the five minutes no matter how daunting it may seem, but really, if you write for three minutes or even just two your mind will thank you! As you dive deeper into your practice, consider writing out intentions for your day. This could be as simple as writing “I will be happy today!” or “Today my production levels will be high, and I will get x,y & z done!”

As mentioned above, anything you write is welcomed and encouraged as this is a space for you, in your own time. Even though it is just a small ritual, journaling is a way to take hold of your day and clear the headspace needed to navigate the craziness of our modern world.

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