Our Favorite Rugs Under $300

Rugs and carpets are where we rest our feet, to nestle our toes into something cozy beneath the sofa, next to our bed, or beneath our dining area. They can assist in keeping an area neat and tidy, and prevent the spread of dirt and dust being tracked inside from the outdoors. They tie a room together with bursts of colors and patterns, and subtly section off areas of your home to separate each element.

A rug can be ornate and vibrant to make a statement in a room with a neutral palette, or the it can be the luminous neutral element to create grounding tone in a room of bright colors.  Take a walk with us across this gorgeous selections of rugs, observe each pattern and texture and become inspired for your own modern home decor!

Small Cairo Rug by Bunglo - $98
Small Cairo Rug by Bunglo – $98

Shop Bunglo

Handmade Mayan Waves from the Highlands of Guatemala
Handmade Mayan Waves from the Highlands of Guatemala – $228

Shop Teysha

Simona 3'x5' - $78
Simona 3’x5′ – $78

Shop Anthropologie

Embroidered Tiger - $248
Embroidered Tiger – $248

Shop Anthropologie

Elegant Aves Birds - $248
Elegant Aves Birds – $248

Shop Anthropologie

Ivory Kamala - Starting at $98
Ivory Kamala – Starting at $98

Shop Anthropologie

Forest Wicklow - $298
Forest Wicklow – $298

Shop Anthropologie

Tufted Ceren - $298
Tufted Ceren – $298

Shop Anthropologie

Badia - Starting at $98
Badia – Starting at $98

Shop Anthropologie

Jaipur Geometric Cotton - $120
Jaipur Geometric Cotton – $120

Shop Etsy

India Paisley Cotton - $120
India Paisley Cotton – $120

Shop Etsy

Moroccan Azilal Berber Cotton - $199
Moroccan Azilal Berber Cotton – $199

Shop Etsy

Kashmiri "Namda" Bohemian - $37.86
Kashmiri “Namda” Bohemian – $37.86

Shop Etsy

Latin American Forest Friends - $65
Latin American Forest Friends – $65

Shop Etsy


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