8 Tips For Improving Your Home’s Vibes

Your home is your sanctuary. A sacred space of personal stability, cultivation of lifestyle, rest, and peace. You should always feel able to seek refuge and comfort in your home, and feel delighted to invite others to share the space. Each room should feel a flow of active, vibrant energy, free of clutter and stagnant air.

Each person has their own taste in home decor and arrangement of objects, but following some simple guidelines, and trying some new methods of caring for your space, can vastly improve the overall flow, aesthetic, and energetic vibration.

The makeup of your home will have a deep emotional impact within you.

Quantum physicists determined that human emotions are “energy in motion”, and the CDC maintains that over 80% of all diseases have an emotional element.

1.  Purify Your Environment


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Palo santo is a tree that grows throughout Central and South America, and has been used ceremonially for thousands of years. With a smoke of earthy, citrusy sweetness, burning palo santo, or “smudging”, is a great way to both fill the room with a pleasant aroma, and to clear the clutter of energetic debris.

2.  Follow Feng Shui


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A wonderful way to arrange your space is to follow the diagram of Feng Shui, placing the correct furniture and belongings in their respective directions in each room. If you take out your cell phone and open the compass app, you can have a fun time checking how on point your areas already are according to the diagram, and make changes accordingly.

3.  Plant Life

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There is nothing quite like entering a room that is graced with the aromatic bliss of lilies. An arrangement of lilies and produce a powerful fragrance for weeks, giving you and anyone who walks through your space the gift of aromatherapy.



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Houseplants create a fresh, natural ambiance, giving a glowing green spark of life to any space. Having plants indoors has been proven to lower blood pressure and stress levels, increase concentration, decrease mental fatigue, and reduce air particulates and toxins.  Plants such as Boston Ferns or Crotons are known to cleanse toxic elements and irritants such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, formaldehyde, pollen, bacteria, and mold. Fill your home with natural beauty and fresh oxygen!

4.  Candles

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Universally symbolizing and generating illumination, candles are essential to creating a warming lightness to your home. The fire element gives your home a protective power, while simultaneously producing a pleasant scent to set the mood.

5.  Color Therapy

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Take particular interest in which colors you are choosing to decorate your home and paint your walls, as each color can either enhance or diminish certain qualities within you and your space.

Integrate color into your life, and see how your well-being can be affected!

6.  Curate Your Space86_WHITE_FRAME.jpg

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Make a statement of self-expression; incorporate artwork and photography that will transport you and all whom take a moment to look closer.

7.  Remove Clutter, Add Softness


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Too many items on surfaces or around your space can affect your mental clarity. Remove the stifling impact of clutter by discarding duplicate items, possessions that bring uncomfortable memories or associations, and any broken things that you haven’t gotten around to repairing.

Instead focus on making your rooms feel spacious, and filling them with extra bits of comfort such as throw pillows and blankets. Make each room cozy and inviting, read to receive anyone who wants to curl up or enjoy your company.  Ensure a stress-free environment by keeping your space clean and tidy.

8.  Minimize Electronics

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Reducing the use of electronics in your home, namely your bedroom, can decrease your exposure to radiation, improve your sleeping habits and greatly benefit your overall well-being.  Instead of a regular halogen or fluorescent lamp, replace it with a Himalayan salt lamp that will give a soft glow while purifying the air. Try not to use your computer or cell phone for too long before dawn or after dusk, and you will improve the condition of your brain and your eyes, and limit your exposure to harmful radiation. Give yourself time away from television for meditation, reflection, reading, personal projects, and genuine human interaction.


Try following these simple guidelines, make the necessary adjustments to your home, and notice how much more happy and at peace you can feel in your own environment. Nurture yourself by nurturing your nest.

What techniques or changes in your home have you found to contribute to the high vibration of your space? Comment below!


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