Modern Adobe Homes

For several thousand years, in dry climates throughout the world, we have been constructing homes using sun-dried earth.

Traced back to ancient Middle Egyptian, the word adobe is translated as mudbrick.”  Adobe bricks are formulated from a mixture of organic materials; the binding element being mud consisting of either sand, silt, or clay,  and then mixed with straw, sticks, or dung. In modern times, adobe bricks are reinforced with steel or emulsified asphalt. With exceptional thermal mass, after exposure to radiation from the sun and convection from the surrounding air, adobe will distribute the warmth it stored throughout the day to the interior of the structure during the cooler nights experienced in desert climates.

Across the globe, architects have become marvelously creative with adobe structures. With sleek, curved surfaces of walls, built in shelves, seating, and stairways, one could imagine themselves to be living within a fine art sculpture.

Check out some of these unique and stunning designs!

Bright Whites


Photograph courtesy of Decoratoo


Photograph courtesy of Mundo Casas


Photograph courtesy of Bloglovin’


Photograph courtesy of Pinterest


Photograph courtesy of Decoholic
1c.jpgPhotograph courtesy of Jardim do Mundo


Photograph courtesy of The Style Files
d07044c8fbeec1129496f7527bebcc52Photograph courtesy of Jardim do Mundo

Warm Shades


Photograph courtesy of Modern Home


Photograph courtesy of Dream Homes Magazine


Photograph courtesy of Jardim do Mundo


Photograph courtesy of Jardim do Mundo
1a1.jpgPhotograph courtesy of Jardim do Mundo
1a2.jpgPhotograph courtesy of Jardim do Mundo



Photograph Courtesy of Voice of Nature
Photograph courtesy of Jardim do Mundo

Vivid Colors


Photographs Courtesy of Tu Casa Bella


Photograph courtesy of Pinterest
Photograph courtesy of Pinterest

9dec8ff42474abcb3f47b14ebe55f33f.jpgPhotograph courtesy of Pinterest


Where are you thinking of building your Adobe home? Submit pictures of your favorite Adobe interiors below!


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