Feng Shui Your Bedroom and Infuse Zen into Your Space with 5 Simple Steps

The bedroom is a place to unwind and relax after a long day – so why not make sure it’s full of peace and harmony? All it takes is adding a few modern home accessories into your space to transform it into a calming haven.

Keep clutter out of the bedroom – Cellphones, computers and televisions create distractions and bring stressful energy into the space. Instead, use just a few colorful accents that promote relaxation and peace — no clutter allowedQuartz Salt Lamp

Create a clutter-free zone.


Add Peaceful Patterns: Olviedo Pillows


Open windows allow for proper feng shui in the bedroom – Stale air is never a good idea. In a modern home, bring in plenty of sunlight and fresh oxygen to enhance the flow and energy. Essential oils, incense and candles are an amazing option for creating a cozy atmosphere.

Incense and oils

Incense and essential oils create a positive energy in the bedroom.


Set the mood: Shaman Modern Candles 


Balance neutrals with colorful patterns — Modern patterns and colors help create a balanced bedroom by adding harmonious energy to the space. Choose pillows and bedding that feature vibrant hues to complement neutral room tones.



Luxury Cotton: SHORE Sheets 


Add color to your bedroom through thoughtfully-chosen modern décor and natural plants — Bring nature inside and pair it with soothing artwork to really create a zen retreat in your home.

Natural plants and Art

Create a modern oasis and with soothing art.


Get the Look: Chefchouen Art Print


Muted, neutral colors embody the idea of feng shui in the bedroom  Balance is key to create a flowing energy that encourages sleep and healing. Modern home tones ranging from creamy white to earthy chocolate create an ideal palette.

Muted Neutrals

BUNGLO_BY_SHAY_SPANIOLA_195_of_346_1024x1024Get the Look: Olive Pillows in 12×20, 20×20 + 24×24


Feng Shui is simple to implement into any bedroom — what are your favorite pieces?

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