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The Atitlán Collection

Made in small batches, these ceramics will available for a limited time only!

fall collection (2 of 15)

I’m thrilled with how the bunglo bath ceramics turned out! Inspired by my travels to Guatemala and visiting my friend’s Mid Century Modern Vacation Home, I focused on creating decor for the modern bath.

The Atitlán collection is perfect for your chic vanity.

Atitlán Bath Set
Atitlán Bath Set

We paired these with our favorite Coyuchi Organic Mediterranean Towels in Azure Ocean. If you haven’t tried turkish towels, they’ll change your life!

Atitlán Soap Dish
Atitlán Soap Dish

Each piece from the collection is slightly different as they’re hand painted. I love that no two products are exactly the same.

Atitlán Ring Dish
Atitlán Ring Dish – The Perfect Gift!

The ring dish is perfect for when you’re taking a shower or washing your face, it’s nice to have a place for your valuable jewels! While being engaged last year, I received a few ring dishes as gifts; I use them in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom!

Izabel Modern Ceramic Bath Decor
Complete the set with all 3!

Navy is always a classic go to for a modern look.

Izabel Modern Bath Decor
Izabel Modern Ceramic Bath Decor

Lately I’ve been using the Izabal Ceramic Cup for my pencils and the Isabel Ceramic Dish for my desk trinkets. Multi use is great for an electric home!


See how the collection was made!


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