The word ‘bunglo’ is derived from the word ‘bungalow’. I love how bungalows have various meanings from around the world, in Chicago a bungalow is a city dwelling, in Thailand it’s a home on stilts, in India – a home on a river. In Brazil, a bungalow is a beach hut – my favorite kind of ‘bunglo’. The word ‘bunglo’ is my own version of the word, a combination of all the bungalows around the home with a tropical, mid century flair. I’ve always felt best in warm places, environments that are covered in tropical trees that carry a nice evening breeze. I created bunglo to create a space that feels like I’m on vacation all the time. With an addition of a few pillows, I feel I’m on a permanent vacation – talk about good vibes 🙂 Take a peak into my current mood board for our upcoming Spring collection inspired by Brazil.

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